Pricing Plans

Sentinel Hub plans let you access all open data collections and the full imagery archive.

Value added tax (VAT) not included

Plus pay-as-you-go option
Additional requests can be purchased at 1.5€ per 1 000 processing units (there is no automatic surcharge).

Large Scale Processing

Large scale Batch Processing is available only for enterprise users.
If you do not have an enterprise account and would like to try it, contact us for a custom offer!
Discounts starting with factor of 3 are possible compared to On-the-fly Sentinel Hub.

Pre-paid Processing Units

40 000 - 400 000 processing units

2.5€ per 1 000 processing units

400 001 + processing units

1.5€ per 1 000 processing units

Pre-paid processing units expire after 24 months. Rate limits of 1 000 processing units per minute and 300 requests per minute apply. Total volume of requests equals twice the number of processing units. Commercial use applies.

Additional Options
Discounted department packages for research organizations
Additional data collections
Enterprise SLA and support

Contact us for an offer!


Commercial Third-Party Data

Planet Scope

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  • Minimum area per order is 0.01 km2.
  • Existing Planet users can use the data through Sentinel Hub using their own credentials.
  • Any unordered package area expires 12 months after purchase.

Airbus Pleiades

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  • Minimum area per order is 0.25 km2.

The price is calculated based on a 6-months sliding window.

Special offer for annual Sentinel Hub subscriptions

  • Basic package includes 10 km2 / year
  • Enterprise packages include 20 km2 / year

Airbus SPOT

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  • Minimum area per order is 2.5 km2.

The price is calculated based on a 6-months sliding window.

Special offer for annual Sentinel Hub subscriptions

  • Basic package includes 100 km2 / year
  • Enterprise packages include 200 km2 / year

Maxar WorldView

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  • Minimum area per order is 5 km2 (details).
  • The package includes 10 km2 of data.

Available to customers within Europe.

Additional Information
Active Sentinel Hub subscription is required to use the service.
Data ingested in Sentinel Hub can be used for unlimited time period.
Data hosting costs on Sentinel Hub are 0.03 € per GB each month. The first 12 months are free.
Vouchers for non-commercial use, sponsored by ESA, are available. Check details here.
Volume discounts are possible for large users.

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Frequently asked questions

Our subscription plans are described here:

The difference between consumer / research and commercial plan is in the purpose of the usage of our services. If you are using the Sentinel Hub services for research purposes or for yourself, consumer / research option is the right one. If you are using it within your company, you should use commercial option.

Mission Product Resolution [m] km2 for one PU € per 1 km2
Sentinel-2 True color 10 26.2 0.00006
NDVI 10 39.3 0.00004
All 13 bands 10 6.0 0.00025
Sentinel-1 VV gamma0 ortho 20 157.3 0.00001
Sentinel-3 OCI True color 300 23 593.0 0.00000007
OTCI 300 35 389.4 0.00000004
Landsat-8 True color - pansharpened 15 44.2 0.00003
NDVI 30 59.0 0.00003

VAT will be charged if you are purchasing our services as:

  • not VAT registered company in the EU
  • an individual from the EU or outside the EU

VAT won’t be charged if you are purchasing our services as:

  • VAT registered company in the EU
  • company outside the EU

Yes. You can go to the Dashboard and choose a recurrent subscription option.

This gives you an option to set-up automatically recurrent payment by PayPal or credit card, which you can cancel at any time.

Generally we advise to subscribe for an annual package as it comes with a discount.

To pay for the Sentinel Hub services you can choose between the following options:

  • PayPal
  • credit card (all supported by Adyen)
  • wire-transfer

If you decide to subscribe, go to the Dashboard and choose one of the plans.

To change your payment method, two steps are needed:

  1. You have to revoke existing subscription, which you can do in the Sentinel Hub Dashboard under the Billing tab / Order History. More details on how to revoke a subscription are described here. Your account will remain active until one month after the last payment.

  2. Before your account expires, you have to establish a new subscription with your prefered payment method in the Sentinel Hub Dasboard under the Billing tab / Plans.

You can cancel your subscription to the Sentinel Hub services in the Sentinel Hub Dashboard. The link will take you to the "Billing" tab and the "History" list. Click on the link to "Details" of your subscription you would like to cancel. Click on the "Revoke subscription" button and confirm your choice. Your status will be changed to "revoked" and subscription canceled.

If you decide to cancel, you'll be able to access Sentinel Hub's premium features until the end of your current billing cycle. We don't issue refunds.

No price plan is activated in a trial stage.

Please note that Sentinel Hub trial account is not allowed for commercial use. After 30 days, you can choose the subscription service you want and subscribe. There is no automatic payment.

The differences in functionality or data between the trial account and the subscription account:

  • The trial account is limited to 30,000 requests and 300 processing units per minute, while subscription accounts have higher limits. See our pricing packages for details.
  • The trial account does not provide access to TPDI functionality (commercial data). For this, you need one of the subscription accounts.
  • The tiral account does not provide access to the batch API. For this, you need one of the Enterprise packages.

If you need higher throughput during the trial period, contact us.

The trial use is completely free and there will be no costs associated to it whatsoever. You do not need to cancel your account after the trial period expires, and there are no automatic charges.

After 30 days of the trial period:

  • The access to OGC services will expire, but you will still be able to use EO Browser for non-commercial purpose.
  • To continue using OGC services you will have the ability to subscribe to one of the plans directly in the Sentinel Hub Dashboard.

We do not charge anything automatically, nor do we extend a subscription period automatically. A week before the end of subscription period you will be notified about incoming event and asked, whether you would like to extend the subscription. In case your decide for an extension, you will be asked for additional payment. In the opposite case, account will be frozen for one month period and deleted afterwards.

If you decide for extending the subscription, go to the Dashboard and choose one of the plans.
This gives you an option to set-up automatically recurrent payment by PayPal or credit card, which you can cancel at any time.

Yes! There are ESA sponsored accounts available. Visit our website on the Network of Resources for a step-by-step guide on how to apply!

You can find example mobile app here.

Note that the subscription option does not include the mobile app itself. This is simply an option of the service best suited for integration in various apps.

A definition of a processing unit is avaliable in our documentation. The rules with examples of how to calculate the number of processing units for a request are also provided.

Individual subscription is meant for one, named user. She or he can use it at any device but this account cannot be shared amongst different users.

Maxar WorldView data are available to customers from the following countries:

Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City.

Customers have access to full and global archive.

In a nutshell

You subscribe to a part of the land (i.e. agriculture parcel) and get, for a period of one year, access to all available PlanetScope data in that area - both archive and fresh data. This subscription model is perfect for agriculture and other continuous monitoring use-cases.

More details

  • The price of the annual subscription depends on the country, where one wants to download the data from. See Billing for more information about Tiers.
  • Users can purchase a quota in packages of 100 hectares for each of the Tiers. This quota can be consumed for several dislocated areas (parcels), each area having the minimum size of 1 hectare.
  • Subscription period starts at the time of the first purchase and lasts for 12 months since then.
  • In case the User requires additional quota, they can purchase it at any time during the year ("Top-up"). Consecutive purchases are co-termed with the original purchase (price is proportional to the remaining period). During the last three months of the suscription period, it is required to subscribe for one additional year.
  • In case the User consumes more data than they have subscribed to, there is a 20% overage fee. We therefore kindly recommend to purchase the quota up-front.
  • The total "area under management" is defined as "the area of union of all polygons used in the orders within a period of one year".

Follow up questions

Q: If I order the data for a polygon A today and then once again for the same polygon a week from now. Do I consume quota twice?
A: No. As long as you are fetching the data from the same polygon, you will only consume once the area of the polygon.

Q: If I order the data for polygon A today, then increase the polygon a bit (polygon A'). How much quota will I consume?
A: As long as the polygon A is fully within polygon A', you will consume the total area of polygon A' ("union of polygons" rule)

Q: If I purchase 100 hectares today and another 100 hectares in 6 months, how much will I pay?
A: Your first purchase will be for the full price, second one with 50% discount (as it will only cover the period of 6 months).