Land Change Detection

Sentinel satellites provide support to the land monitoring services and ensure frequent and systematic coverage to support land cover mapping, classification and change maps, as well as enable accurate assessments of geophysical parameters.

Using land change maps, it is easy to identify recent land developments, such as new structures being built, deforestation, etc, as different land types (e.g. arable land, forest, pastures, urban areas) have different index (e.g. EVI, NDVI) change patterns. By observing the patterns in, for example, time series vegetation greenness, it is possible to detect such changes. Operators can then analyse the results closely by observing the original imagery and take appropriate actions.

Land Change Maps

Satellite imagery data is extremely useful for either creating or updating base maps and detecting major changes in urban land cover and land use.

The examples of useful land change maps include:

  • land cover development,
  • classification and change maps,
  • environmental analysis,
  • irrigated landscape mapping,
  • carbon Storage and Avoidance,
  • yield determination,
  • soils and Fertility Analysis,
  • other accurate assessment of geophysical parameters.