If you are organising a hackathon using open satellite data (Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, etc.) and you would like to use Sentinel Hub services, contact us!

Read this blog post to learn why Sentinel Hub is perfect for Earth Observation hackatons!

What do we offer to event organisers:

  • The best open data processing service out there
  • Free access for one month to an Earth Observation rapid prototyping environment, including access to various EO open data collections.
  • Access to web-based sandbox environment to easily and rapidly build indicator-based products - Sentinel Playground and EO Browser
  • Support
  • One year Sentinel Hub subscription for the winning team.

What do I actually get, since the data is anyway free?

  • Copernicus and Landsat data are indeed free (thanks to EC and USGS) but there are many steps needed to get value from these data - download, processing, storage, distribution. All these takes time and requires IT resources, both cost.
  • Sentinel Hub provides seamless and immediate access to these data with most common processing steps applied (band math, clipping, mosaicking, time-series analsyis, etc.) in a way to be integrated in 3rd party applications.
  • 30 day trial makes it possible to get familiar with the service, configure your workflow, expose it as an API and integrate it in 3rd party application.
  • The prize, 1 year subscription, makes it possible to consolidate the prototype, offer it to your customers and earn revenue! Ideal way to build the startup.

How to get access to the service?

  • Create a 30-days trial account at the following address. It's free.
  • If the event takes more than 30 days, contact us and we will extend the free trial.

First steps to work with the service:

Video tutorials:

You can find more videos here.

What kind of apps can be developed with Sentinel data?

See more about the latest DragonHack, one of the hackathons we regularly participate at.