You can easily create a new EO product in the Configuration Utility.

  1. Create a new configuration or open an existing one.
  2. Click on "Add new layer".
  3. Enter the title of the layer.
  4. Click the "pencil icon" next to Data Processing option to select a predefined product or enter your processing script.

  1. Choose from the available Base Products. See also the available custom scripts for each data source in our repository.
  2. Click on the selected product under Visualization Options and the "Copy Script to Editor" button.
  3. Edit the selected base script in the Custom script editor and click the "Set Custom Script" button when you are done.
  4. Click "Save" under the newly added layer to complete the creation of a new layer.
  5. The newly added layer will appear in the list of layers under your configuration.

For detailed information about WMS configurator click here.
Read also more information about custom scripting.

To learn more about how to create a new configuration, a new layer with data products and a new layer with a custom script from the repository, watch our OGC API with QGIS integration webinar.